I offer commissions on illustrations

and acrylic paintings. 



Commissions are a fantastic way

to get a totally one of a kind gift for yourself

or someone you care about. 


The Commission Process:



1. We start with an email planning session. You let me know what you're looking for, and we discuss budget and timeframes. 


2. If you would like to proceed with the commission, a non refundable 50% deposit will be required. Please understand that due to demand, I will not be able to begin any work for you until a deposit is in place. (This ensures that you are serious about buying the art, and keeps my wait times in check.)


3. When your artwork is finished, the remaining cost of the commission will be due and your artwork will be delivered, picked up, or shipped.  



Frequently Asked Questions:


How much does a commission cost? 

The price of your commission will depend entirely on size, medium, and the complexity of the design. Price is detailed during the initial planning session. Generally people have a size in mind already, but if you have a budget in mind, we can start there instead and determine how large of a piece you can afford. 


When and how do I pay you? 

I require a non refundable 50% deposit to begin. The remainder is due upon completion of the piece. I can accept Paypal, etransfer, or if you're local to me, cash is also fine. 


How long will it take to complete? 

That will depend on the scale of the piece, and what other projects I already have scheduled. I will provide a timeframe during the consultation process. If you have a deadline in mind, like a birthday, please let me know right away.  


Can you ship/deliver/can I pickup? 

I am happy to ship to anywhere in the world. If you're local to me, I can provide delivery for a small fee, or facilitate a free pickup option.   


Can I commission a piece for someone else? 

Absolutely! Original art is a fantastic gift. I can even facilitate a mysterious anonymous gift option where the recipient will have no idea who commissioned the gift. 


What if my idea is kinda... out there? 

Bring it on! If I don't feel that I can create the piece that you want, I will let you know in the planning session, no money exchanged, no hard feelings. But I do enjoy a challenge. 


I have a different question... 


No worries! Send it my way here >> Questions! << 


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