Commitment to Equity

Tattoos Are For Everybody:

 It's your artist's job to ensure that your tattoo is placed and sized appropriately for the design and for your skin type - but barring medical concerns, everybody can be tattooed. 


Tattooing Melanated Skin:

Yes! Let's do this! I specialize in colourful tattoos, and am happy to offer colour work to anyone who wants it. If you've been denied colour tattoos in the past, I want to change that. 


Colour patch tests: 

A colour patch test is a process of applying a small sample of multiple colours in a discrete area (like the ankle), and letting them heal, before starting a larger tattoo. This allows us to see how colours heal in your skin so that we can choose a colour palette that will be the most successful and  flattering to you! 


I am currently doing a study on colour work on melanated skin, more info here. 


Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community:

I am proud to be employed by a queer woman at my home shop, Good Form Piercing & Tattoos. My regular guest spots in Victoria are at a queer and trans owned shop, Tattoo Zoo. I always endeavour to find shops that align with my values when I do guest spots, if you have a favourite women owned/queer owned/trans owned/BIPOC owned shop, I'd love to hear about it!


To ensure that our relationship starts strong, I've included a spot to provide your pronouns and preferred name in my tattoo request form. My pronouns are she/her. 



Good Form, my home shop in Nanaimo, has no stairs and is wheelchair accessible. We have hydraulic tattoo chairs that can be raised, lowered, and adjusted to support the body in different ways, they can safely carry up to 400 lbs. We also have massage tables that can safely carry up to 500 lbs. 


Tattoo Zoo, my regular guest spot in Victoria, has details about their accessibility here.  


If there is anything that I can do to make your time in the studio more comfortable, please let me know! 


Anxiety and Mental Health Concerns:

Mental health is important and tattooing can be a part of your self care, but it can also be challenging.


I have tattooed many people with anxiety and phobias triggered by needles and medical environments, and have always found communication to be the key. If something about the tattooing process might cause you stress and anxiety, please let me know during our consultation so that I can adjust my procedure to best help you manage your concerns.


Sometimes little things, like having me explain what I'm doing more (or less), a type of music, or a slower appointment with more breaks may be needed - and those are all things that I can offer you.    


To know more about what I believe in, please review my Values page.