Aquatic Murals

Transform Your Space  -  Bask in Ocean Views Every Day


Are you tired of looking at blank, lifeless walls?

 Do you crave ocean views and glorious colours? 

 Would you delight in owning custom, large scale art? 


Murals have the power to infuse life into any space! 

Perfect for:

  • Home Offices
  • Living Rooms
  • Stairwells
  • Nurseries 
  • And More!

Mural work, completed in your home, is a truly unique opportunity to enjoy the creative process and peek behind the scenes.

How it works



  • Plan - we discuss your vision and brainstorm
  • Draw - once the deposit is paid, I design the mural 
  • Refine- we discuss and tweak the design
  • Paint - I arrive to set up and create your mural

(This could take multiple days or weeks)

  • Clean - I remove all paint, plastic, tape, etc 
  • Unveil - time to show off your newly curated art! 


Same home - new perspective

~ Dream of walking into your office, and being inspired by a pod of majestic orca ~


~ Imagine friends always insisting you meet at your place, who could beat the view of salmon breezing through kelp? ~  


~ Ascend your staircase into a world of cephalopods, fish, and turtles. ~


~ Let playful otters watch over your little one as they sleep, play, and learn. ~


The possibilities are endless. 

A passion for ocean life



I'm Kara, a full time visual artist. All through school I wanted to be a marine biologist, and though my life took a different turn, that passion lives on in my art. Aquatic themes resurface over and over again in my illustrations, paintings, and tattoo work to this day.  


I began my training at VIU, and later devoted several year to one on one apprenticeships with two different local artists. As a professional tattoo artist, I work daily with clients to take their ideas and transform them into timeless art that they can treasure for years and years. 


Below are some of my favourite ocean themed pieces, featuring;

Otters, orcas, octopods, salmon and other fish, rays, sharks, and even mermaids! 


Every project is unique and each will receive a custom proposal, including; final budget, theme, design, and colour palette. 

From the first conversation to the final unveiling, I handle every detail for you. 


Included in all packages: 

  • Unique, original art, created just for you
  • Limited revisions during the planning stage
  • All equipment and art supplies required 
  • Travel expenses, if required  

Travel notes: 

  • Consults may be done in person or via Zoom
  • Travel expenses may include; gas, ferries, airfare, and/or accommodation 
  • Travel options are dependant on Covid regulations 

Why get a mural?


  • To add joyfulness to your home 
  • To energize a tired space 
  • To share your love of ocean life 
  • To make a powerful statement  
  • To be part of our thriving local art scene 
  • To level up your art collection 



What if I don't know what I want?


As a tattoo artist, I'm well practiced at working to translate a vague idea or theme into fully realized art. 


The client behind this piece wanted a playful otter tattoo, and also mentioned that they like tea, fancy coconut or pineapple drinks, and sea kelp. My job is to take what a person likes, and assemble it in a fun and meaningful way. 


All commissioned art works the same way. If I ask the right questions, and you share honestly, magic will happen. 

Payment options

Consultations are always free. Once the initial proposal is accepted, a deposit of 50% is required before any drawing begins. Payment plans for the remaining amount are available. 


Why pay in full?

Paying up front allows me to invest 100% of my time and energy into your project, right now. Priority access to my schedule gets your mural completed sooner!  



I'm ready! Let's do this!

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