The Audacious Otter Revue


The Audacious Otter Revue is an assemblage painting collection that features the members of a fictitious traveling performance troupe. They currently tour with six members; their founder and drag queen MC, The Incorrigible Mrs Fox; their costume designer and strongman, Remus St Cyr; their aerial artist, Florence Fatale; their tassel twirling vixen, Nude dawn; their stagehand turned burlesque dynamo, Sunny Dee; and their newest member and cabaret singer, Little Red Rocket.    


This collection was heavily inspired by my own time in the Nanaimo, Victoria, and Seattle Burlesque scene. The troupe formed in 2009 and performed all over Vancouver Island and the mainland. We also attended a Burlesque conference in Seattle for a number of years. I adored the weekly practices, the backstage camaraderie, and the thrill of the stage. Members came and went, and the troupe continued to perform after my retirement in 2015. I loved that none of us could easily define our craft in words. Our performances evolved with our members, and we were always inspired to new feats when we saw others perform. Acceptance and celebration of our unique bodies and abilities was a frequent theme. New recruits were often audience members, so inspired by what they saw on stage that they needed to join forces. To this day many of my closest friends are current or former members of the troupe.  



And now, without further ado, I present to you

The Audacious Otter Revue!    


The Incorrigible Mrs Fox

Mrs Fox has always had a flare for the dramatic arts, but didn’t quite find her home in it until a friend brought her to a drag show. She fell heads over (very high) heels in love, and hasn’t looked back since. Mrs Fox founded The Audacious Otter Revue on her 25th birthday, with a mission to travel across the world, collecting performers who would inspire her audiences to find their passion, live their best lives, and be their truest selves.


Remus St Cyr

Remus comes from a long line of strongmen who devoted their formative years to travelling circuses and sideshows. His aptitude for the performing arts was nurtured from a young age with vocal, dance, and acting lessons, but his highest calling is design. Remus joined The Audacious Otter Revue early on, and has been wowing their audiences with feats of strength on stage, and wowing their performers with bold costume designs off stage.


Florence Fatale

Florence is the only daughter of Romani travellers who settled in North America in the 70’s. She started performing for her family and their friends as soon as she had mastered walking. Dancing turned to gymnastics, which grew to poi and staff spinning, then evolved into aerial silks, snake charming, and fire dancing. You simply never know what Florence has in store for her audience until she is on stage (or occasionally in the air) dazzling them with it.


Nude Dawn

Dawn was a body builder and personal trainer in her early 20’s. She creates her performances around complex technical choreography that always culminates in spectacularly creative pasty reveals. When she travels with The Audacious Otter Revue her tagline is ‘fastest tassels in the land’, and she claims that her wife has clocked them at over 200 mph.




Sunny Dee

Sunshine joined The Audacious Otter Revue as an assistant. She travelled extensively with the troupe, caring for their costumes, typing up set lists, and secretly learning all of the signature group routines. One sunny day she boldly added her own name to the audition list. Sunshine’s transformation from unseen stage hand to bodacious burlesque performer was a slow one. Bit by bit, performance by performance, she has allowed her audiences to see more and more of her body and soul, and life will never be the same.


Little Red Rocket

Rocket grew up away from the performing arts, spending her school years focusing on math and science. As an adult she longed for a creative outlet, and found it when The Audacious Otter Revue came through town. Two year later, she auditioned and is now a botanist by day and a show stopping cabaret singer by night. Rocket loves to let the music move her during her performances, which often consist of a mixture of song and dance.