Secrets of the Salish Sea


Secrets of the Salish Sea is an ongoing art project featuring a variety of marine creatures that are known to inhabit the waters around Vancouver Island. Each collection released introduces a new species and their exciting adventures. Imaginative stories, secret messages, and bonus figures hide on the reverse side of the paintings. 


To inquire about the availability of a specific piece, or to arrange a private viewing, please contact me directly. 

"The Cephalopod's Circus"

The circus had come to town. For months the octopods, the squids, and their squiggly friends the wolf eels, moon jellies, and sea nettle, have been perfecting their amazing circus routines. They anxiously wait backstage for their turn in the spotlight as creatures swam in from all around to see the show. The backgrounds of this collection depict the circus itself. From acrobats to jugglers to amazing feats of strength, you'll see it all. Eat fresh candy floss and peanuts, or have your fortune told. This circus is ethically managed by local cephalopods; Cedrick the Ringmaster, Florence of Good Fortune, Sweet Octavia, High Flying Florence, and Super Strong Stanford, and has something for everyone to enjoy.  


The Cephalopod's Circus was released at the end of 2018. 


"The Orca's Orchestra"

The orca's had a song in their heart. Every day and each night they popped out of the water to let their ballads be heard. Others gathered to hear the songs and to join in, and soon the waters were filled with beautiful creatures, and the air with beautiful sound. The backgrounds of this collection tell the story of the musical inspiration of each orca. Some are classically trained, some rebelled with rock music, and other cannot resist a catchy pop hit. Some orcas like to sing with their families, others their friends, and a few their rivals, but all sing with passions and love. 


The Orca's Orchestra was released in the summer of 2018.  

"The Salmon's Family Reunion"

The salmon had travelled far from our cool coastal waters. They were distinguished travellers who had visited waters as far as Japan and Russia. Word spread quickly of the family reunion, and salmon from the world over swam unimaginable distances to return home of the festivities. The backgrounds of this collection give a taste off each family members preferred travel options. Some took the train, some large boats, other's packed too many hats. Many used maps and compass to lead them. Others followed their hearts.


The Salmon's Family Reunion was released in the summer of 2018.   

"The Crab's Parade"

The Crab's Parade features a variety of local crab species including; red rock, tanner, pygmy, purple shore, green shore, pacific lyre, red king, northern kelp, and purple hermit crabs. They travel along Nanaimo's parade route, over photos dating back to the 1890's. The crabs travel down Victoria Crescent, Commercial Street, Church Street, and complete their parade on Front Street.


The Crab's Parade was released in June of 2018. 

"The Otter's Picnic"

The Otter's Picnic features; Alonso, Shepherd, Gilligan, Rowen, Sabrina, Ariel, Albertina, Wini, Theodora, and twins Nash and dash. These North American River Otters are on their way to a picnic. The backgrounds are patterned with vintage images of fish, the otter's preferred picnic snack. The backgrounds are patterned with vintage images of fish, the otter's preferred picnic snack. 


The Otter's Picnic debuted in June of 2018 and was the first collection in the series.


(After selling out, the otters returned in "An Encore of Otters", which was released at the end of 2019)