I'm Kara, an illustrative tattoo artist based in Nanaimo BC, Canada. I'm an ambassador of excitement, here to make my clients' experiences nothing short of magical!


My mission is to change the standards of service and care in the tattoo industry; giving you not only a beautiful tattoo, but a beautiful experience to go with it.  



Your dinosaur tattoo specialist.

Dinosaur tattoos are my favourite tattoo subject! (Check out my Dinosaur Page!) I also specialize in rainbow coloured and sparkly tattoos of cute animals and pop culture characters (Pokemon, anyone?). I can provide custom art based on your concept, or you can choose from one of the available predrawn tattoo flash pieces.  


A nerdy artist for nerdy clients.

No idea too silly or niche here! Let's talk OTPs and cheesy fanfic tropes. It would be impossible to list them all, but a few of my fave fandoms include; The Owl House, Gravity Falls, She-Ra, and X-Men Evolution. 


Check out my dedicated Pokémon Page!  


Inclusive of body types, skin tone, and gender.

You are loved. Many of my clients are in the queer community, and it's a personal passion of mine to bring more colourful tattoos to people with melanated skin. I've worked with clients with a variety of skin and nerve conditions, complex scarring, and even skin graphs. If you've been denied before, know that you are welcome here. 


Learn more about Colour Patch Tests for BIPOC folks.  


Featured tattoo flash!

Client Reviews

"Kara is such an easy artist to talk to about design and process. She was flexible with my needs and made me feel heard when I wanted to split up the session because I knew that specific area of my body would be very sensitive . Kara is fun, kind and professional - and gave me an incredible tattoo... so all the best things about a tattoo experience! I would highly recommend. 5 stars!"

     - Emily K. 


"Kara's mastery of colour in her tattoos is outstanding. If you want to get something in full rainbow colour, this is your tattoo artist! Her dinosaur tattoos are pretty much the cutest thing ever. Exceeds expectations!" 

     - Lisa N.