Will it Hurt - Assessing Pain Management Options
November 07, 2023
As they become more readily available, more artists and clients are turning to pain management products, and today we’re gonna discuss the pros and cons, review different options, and share my personal experiments.

Your Rights as a Tattoo Client
October 14, 2023
Being tattooed is a vulnerable experience. An important part of protecting yourself (and others) from abuse and harassment in the tattoo environment is understanding what is and what is not necessary during the tattoo process.

Will it Hurt - Pain Tolerance vs Threshold
August 17, 2023
Pain is super subjective and something that’s super painful for one person may be no big deal to someone else. Let's explore how pain tolerance and threshold differ and how they each affect the way your experience your tattoo.

Client Feature - Amanda's Scar Reclamation
June 08, 2023
Tattooing over self-harm scars was an important step in Amanda’s journey through trauma counselling and sobriety. A reclamation of the way she wanted to see herself and a chance to change the story her skin tells.

Colour Patch Test Series - Aaliyah
April 25, 2023
An update on Aaliyah's colour patch tests, and the first grey scale test!

Five for Five - My Tattoo Anniversary Adventure
March 31, 2023
For my fifth tattoo anniversary I invited five non-tattoo artist friends to tattoo me. Follow the journey and see the results here.

Consent Culture for Tattoo Artists & Clients
January 27, 2023
In tattooing, consent is an ongoing, voluntary, and informed agreement to participate in the tattoo procedure. When you’re the artist, you are already in a position of authority, so it’s your responsibility to create a safe environment for your client and demonstrate to them that their choices will be respected.

Introduction to Colour Patch Tests
January 14, 2023
A colour patch test is a small and subtle application of various tattoo inks, with the intention of seeing how each colour heals. I am currently working on a project to catalogue and share how colourful tattoos heal on melanated skin.

What To Do If You Don’t Like Your Tattoo Design
December 28, 2022
You arrive at the tattoo shop on the big day only to find… you don’t like the design. *Cue awkward trombone.*

Guide To Your First Tattoo
October 31, 2022
Your guide to getting your first tattoo, from choosing your artist, the consultation, the quote, the deposit, and preparing for the big day.