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The Balance and Bliss Podcast

Hosted by Andrea Mondoux, "The Balance and Bliss Podcast' discusses wellness as it pertains to health, movement, setting boundaries, personal growth, and more.   


Episode 155: The Art of Respectful Tattooing 

What if getting a tattoo was more than just an exercise in pain tolerance, but an empowering experience steeped in respect, care, and deep connection?


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Mindset Artistry

Hosted by Amanda DeBraux and Janel Koloski, 'Mindset Artistry' discusses mindset, fulfillment, and purpose for people in creative industries. 


We discuss; getting into the tattoo industry, finding your style, why all tattoo artists are running a business whether they know it or not, and so much more.  


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You've Got Nerve

Hosted by Susan Hyatt, 'You've Got Nerve' explores the big bold dreams of each guest, and challenges them to go after what they really want!


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Women in Tattooing

Hosted by Emily K, 'Women in Tattooing' is a candid interview with a variety of women in the tattooing industry.


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