Get What You Get


GWYG is a super fun tattoo experience where designs are randomized or selected for you! 

Perfect for collectors and adventurers! 


The Dice of Destiny

Roll a special oversized D20 and let the fates choose one of 20 possible designs from this exclusive collection. 


THEME: Nature and Magic


The Claw

Play the claw machine to select your design - and try to win bonus prizes too! 


THEME: Dinos and Candy 


The PokÉball

Choose a Pokeball to reveal your Pokemon tattoo design! Bonus prizes can appear in the Pokéballs too.  


THEME: Pokémon 


How does it work?

Book your appointment (form below), and get psyched! When you arrive on your appointment day you'll roll the dice/play the claw machine to discover your design. If you don't love your design, you can try again for a $25 fee, which is donated entirely to charity! Once you're happy, the appointment proceeds as normal. 


(The designs are means for arms and legs, but other spots may be possible, depending on the design.) 


What if I don't like the design?

Awkward... Just kidding! If you're not 100% stoked on your design, you can try again for a $25 fee, which is donated entirely to charity. Everyone wins! 


How much does it cost?

Dice and Claw Machine GWYG tattoos are both offered at a special promotional price of $250. Pokemon tattoos are larger and offered at a promotional price of $400.


Can I see the options in advance?

  • The Dice of Destiny includes 20 designs that you can see above. 
  • The Claw includes a rotating selection of designs that are all dinosaur or candy themed, I'll preview some of the designs from time to time, but many will be a total surprise! 
  • The Pokéball will contain a design from the Pokémon flash series, which you can see here.  



Please note:

  • A non refundable deposit will be required before an appointment can be booked. 
  • You must be 18 to get tattooed. No one can sign for you. No exceptions.  
  • You cannot be tattooed if you are pregnant, sick, or if you've had a major serious surgery within 3 months. 
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