Mission and Values


I am an ambassador of excitement. I am a storyteller. 


My mission is to change the standards of service and care in the tattoo industry; giving you not only a beautiful tattoo, but a beautiful experience to go with it.    


Things I believe with my whole heart.

Some of my fave pieces by Meg Emiko, Angie Quintanilla CoatesCaitlin Blunnie, and Ijeoma Olou.

Please give them a follow asap! 

Resources I like very much.


Social justice and human rights:


@iamrachelricketts - Author of , she hosts webinars and has some can't miss free resources.


@rachel.cargle - Rachel runs @thegreatunlearn and made the #DoTheWork 30 day course (I did it last year, it's so good), amongst other contributions. Seriously, she's amazing.  


@blairimani - Creator of #smarterinseconds, which is so fun and informative. 


@goodnightout_vancouver - Free training sexual violence prevention training. They have a tattoo industry specific course that I've taken, highly recommend. 


@bakauconsulting - Vancouver based social justice and anti racism consulting, I've taken workshops and worked with them on writing more inclusive job ads, they are super great. 


Tattoo stuff:


@darkskintattootips - Learning community and tips for tattooing darker skin.  


@changetattooing - Resources and information for clients and artists to end sexual abuse in the tattoo industry. I used their resources when writing my Consent and Client Rights page.


@womenintattooingproject - A locally produced podcast featuring women from around the world in the tattoo industry. It's super fun to listen to, and I was in an episode myself! 



Animals and environmental issues:


@savingtheblue - A not for profit with a mission to recover and restore threatened marine species. They post about sharks a lot. Sharks need our love. 



(This is an evolving list and I'll be updating it from time to time.)


To know more about what I believe in, please review my Commitment to Equity page.