Oh hello, you've found me in my Pokémon era. Playing Pokémon on my DS with my partner, drawing endless flash, and binge watching Pokémon Concierge over and over. On this page you'll find custom, pre-drawn flash, GWYG, and the newly launched; Project: Gotta Catch 'Em All.


Scroll on for everything Pokémon!



If you book a new Pokémon that I can add to my Tattoo Pokedex, you'll get a bonus prize pack during your tattoo appointment! So, who have I tattooed already? 


My Tattoo Pokedex: 64

Tattoo Pokedex


I welcome your ideas and would love to create custom tattoo designs just for you! I've even tattooed people's pets as different Pokemon. Anything goes with custom requests! 


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Choose your Pokéball and find out what tattoo design is inside! 


All GWYG Pokémon appointments are $400 - and could include any piece from the Flash section!   


 For the most adventurous trainers, I have a Pokémon specific 'Get What You Get' game!


GWYG tattoos means that you select your design in a game of chance, so you don't know what you're getting until your appointment day! 


Anything from the Pre-Drawn Designs section (below) could be in there! Who will you choose?  


Pokéballs also contain small prizes, and the occasional Rare Candy (bigger prizes like tattoo credit)!  

What if I don't like the design I choose?

No problem! For $25 (which is donated to charity) you can choose again!  


(Scroll down to find the booking request form)



Can't decide? Choose from any of these fun, repeatable designs! 

All designs are available in full colour.

(Prices are for arm or leg placement, at posted sizes. Inquire for larger/alt placement.)


Staryu with circle - 4-5" - $450

Sleepy Snorlax - 4-5" - $450

Peony pokeball - 5-6" - $550


Rose Ivysaur - 4-5" - $450  

Glitter Mudkip - 4-5" - $450

Pool floaty Magikarp - 4-5" - $450


Haunter Terrarium - 4-5" - $450

Oddish Terrarium - 4-5" - $450

Wigglytuff Terrarium - 4-5" - $450


Classic Horror Pokemon! 

Michael Cubone - 4-5" - $450

Chucky Squirtle - 5-6" - $450

Freddy Gengar - 4-5" - $450

Penny Bulbasaur - 4-5" - $450

Jason Togepi - 5-6" - $450 


Guest Artist: SeviYummy

(Designed by @SeviYummy)

(Used with permission/payment)

Pikachu - 3-4" - $400 

Cubone - 3-4" - $400 

Togepi - 3-4" - $450 

Meowth - 3-4" - $400 


Guest Artist: SeviYummy

(Designed by @SeviYummy)

(Used with permission/payment)

Magicarp - 4-5" - $500

Tamagotchi Espeon - 3-4" - $450  

Tamagotchi Vaporeon - 3-4" - $450 

Nidoran - 3-4" - $450 


New designs are added regularly! 

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Be sure to check out my travelling page for all the info about visiting Nanaimo or Victoria. 

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Please note:

  • A non refundable deposit will be required before an appointment can be booked. 
  • You must be 18 to get tattooed. No one can sign for you. No exceptions.  
  • You cannot be tattooed if you are pregnant, sick, or if you've had a major serious surgery within 3 months. 
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