Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Book:

How do I request a tattoo appointment?

Please submit a tattoo request form here


Will we meet in person to discuss my idea?

All consultation are being done via email now. There may be situations where it's helpful for me to meet you in person; primarily for larger or anatomically specific designs (like sleeves), or if we need to assess scarring. Otherwise, we'll meet in person on your appointment day. But you can learn more about me here!


Do you tattoo custom designs?

Yes! I love creating special tattoos, and almost all of my work is 100% custom.


Will you copy a design I found online?

No. Plagiarism is not cool. (If we can get the original artist's permission, that's another story!) If you really, really love another tattoo artists's style, consider getting them to do your tattoo!


Will you tattoo something that someone drew for me?

Maybe. I will have to know the details, and see the design to make sure that it will work as a tattoo. What works on paper may not stand the test of time on skin. 


What is your deposit policy?

 You can see the full deposit policy here. (But don't do step two, lol!) 


Can I see the drawing before my appointment?

I don't send any artwork via email. My busy schedule doesn't accommodate additional time to review drawings separately from your appointment date. Please review my portfolio and Instagram account to get a feel for my art style. Small changes can be made on your appointment day, just be sure that I'm the right artist for you before picking me.  


It's my first tattoo, I have 400 questions.

No worries! I wrote a special blog post just for you. (link coming soon)  


After You Book:

How do I cancel or reschedule?

Your appointment confirmation email has a link to cancel or reschedule your appointment online by yourself. Once you submit your change, you'll receive a new confirmation email. (Please note - your deposit will be forfeit if you change your appointment more than twice.)  


If you need to cancel or reschedule within the 72 hour cancellation window, please email my assistant Vi directly: (your deposit will be forfeit and we will need to collect a new one to make a new appointment). 


How do I take care of my tattoo?

Please review my aftercare directions here. 


Do you offer free touch ups?

Yes, but conditionally. The touchup must be completed within 3 months. The purpose of a touch up is to ensure that your tattoo heals great. If a line or colour just didn't heal quite right, I want the opportunity to bring out its best with a short, free touch up session. If you want to change something, add something, or if something has happened that made the tattoo heal poorly (like a sunburn), then you will need to pay for the session. 


Misc Questions:

What are your thoughts on BLM/LGBT+ rights/feminist issues?

I want to make my commitment to equity and anti-racism clear and public. I am always actively working to make my little piece of the world a safe, inclusive, and equitable one. You can review my Commitment to Equity and my Mission & Values page to get to know my values better. 



I will be updating my FAQ's periodically,

but if you have a question I have not addressed,

you can get in touch with me here.