Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a tattoo appointment?

Please submit a tattoo request form here


Do you tattoo custom designs?

Yes! I love creating special tattoos, and almost all of my work is 100% custom.


Will you copy a design I found online?

No. Plagiarism is not cool. (If we can get the original artist's permission, then that is another story!) If you really, really love another tattoo artists's style, consider getting them to do your tattoo! Call me crazy, but I want to tattoo people who actually like my art.   


Will you tattoo something someone drew for me?

Maybe. I will have to know the details, and see the design to make sure that it will work as a tattoo. What works on paper may not stand the test of time on skin. That being said, I welcome requests for tattoos of loved one's handwriting, children's drawings, and the like. 


How do I take care of my tattoo?

Please review my aftercare directions here. If you have any questions, or are concerned about how your tattoo is healing, you can message me directly on IG (@crashing.cadence) or email me at If it's an emergency, please call the shop immediately at 250-729-9999.  


Do you offer free touch ups?

Yes, but conditionally. The touchup must be completed within 3 months. The purpose of a touch up is to ensure that your tattoo looks great. If a line or colour just didn't heal quite right, I want the opportunity to bring out its best with a short, free touch up session. If you want to change something, add something, or if something has happened that made the tattoo heal poorly (like a sunburn), then you will need to pay for the session. 


Do you offer commissions?

Yes, I offer commissions on illustrations and paintings. You can find all of the details about that here


Where can I buy your art?

  • Online: my merch and available illustrations are available in my Shopify store here. If you live in Nanaimo, you can select free pickup and save on shipping. 
  • Nanaimo: I am represented at Gallery Merrick and you can find original paintings and assemblage pieces there. I also keep a selection of merch items, and many original illustrations at the tattoo shop for you to peruse during your tattoo appointment. (Please note that the shop is currently appointment only, and you cannot just stop in.)
  • Victoria: You can find my dinosaur themed merch at Dino Lab Inc! They carry several exclusive designs that were created especially for them. 


Where do you stand on BLM/LGBT+ rights/feminist issues?

I stand with them. I am always actively working to make my little piece of the world a safe, inclusive, and equitable one. You can review my 'Commitment to Equity' page here. If you strongly disagree with my values, then you might want to consider getting tattooed somewhere other than the queer, female owned shop that I call home.  



I will be updating my FAQ's periodically,

but if you have a question I have not addressed,

you can get in touch with me here.