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As a little girl, I was fascinated by dinosaurs. Jurassic Park debuted at the theatre when I was eight years old, and I begged my parents to take me. Staring up at the enormous screen, mesmerized by the larger than life creatures, a lifelong love crystallized. 


I never grew out of my 'dinosaur phase' and if you're on this page, it's just possible that you didn't either. :D 


CUSTOM Dinosaur tattoos

I welcome your ideas and would love to create custom tattoo designs just for you! I've tattooed dinosaurs all sorts of dinosaurs; cute ones, serious ones, dino skeletons and fossils, rainbow dinos, crystal fusion dinos, and even Deadpool riding a dinosaur Anything goes with custom requests! 


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Dinosaur Tattoo Flash!

Brachiosaurus with rose - 7-8" - $700

Pachyrhinosaurus in circle - 5-6" - $$550


Parasaurolophus in heart - 5-6" - $600

Plesiosaurus with rainbow swirl - 6-7" - $700 

Deinonychus with balloons - 5-6" - $550

Deinonychus in flower - 6-7" - $550

 Ankylosaurus with crystals - 6-7" - $700


Mosquito amber with magnolias - 5-6" - $550

Mosquito amber with fern - 5-6" - $550


Trick or Treating Dinosaurs!

Mummy raptor - 4-5" - $450

Vampire ankylosaurus - 4-5" - $450

Death stygimoloch - 4-5" - $450  



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Please note:

  • A non refundable deposit will be required before an appointment can be booked. 
  • You must be 18 to get tattooed. No one can sign for you. No exceptions.  
  • You cannot be tattooed if you are pregnant, sick, or if you've had a major serious surgery within 3 months. 
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